Yamaha Motor Develops EPS Steering Support System For Motorcycles

Yamaha always keeps updating and providing you with the latest and best riding experience. Yamaha Motors has announced that it has developed a prototype of the EPS (Electric Power Steering) steering support system for motorcycles as a new rider aid contributing to improved motorcycle stability and agility.

The newly developed EPS is a technology falling under the Transforming Mobility focus area of the Company’s Long-Term Vision of ART for Human Possibilities. Yamaha Motor is carrying out development of the system seeing it as a technology not only for transforming mobility for greater fun, safety, and comfort but also as one connected to resolving societal issues in uniquely Yamaha ways.

The EPS steering support system employs sensor technologies that differ from those in power steering systems for automobiles and other four-wheeled vehicles. Utilizing a magnetostrictive torque sensor enables the system to function as a steering damper and provide assisted steering, thereby contributing to a motorcycle’s stability, improving agility, reducing rider fatigue, and more. Yamaha Motor aims to equip EPS on various motorcycles in order to provide a wide range of riders with greater motorcycling fun, safety, and comfort.

The Company plans to use the wealth of data acquired through use in the harsh environment provided by top-level motocross competition to accelerate the system’s development and refinement.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) Main Features

◼ Magnetostrictive torque sensor

The system uses a magnetostrictive torque sensor, which has a proven track record with our electrically power-assisted bicycles, to detect torque. EPS works as

1) a steering damper while providing

2) assisted steering for the rider.

The steering damper feature counteracts the outside forces sent to the handlebars from changes in the road surface and the like and functions primarily at high speeds. The assisted steering complements handlebar inputs in line with the rider’s intentions and mainly functions at low speeds. These two features together achieve assistive intervention that still feels natural for the rider.

◼ Compact and lightweight actuator

Developed a compact and lightweight actuator (device that converts electrical signals into physical movement) for motorcycles with an eye on install

There’s still a direct connection between the bars and forks, so ultimate control is still in the hands of the rider because they say it can tell the difference between inputs at the bars and external influences on the steering – assisting one while counteracting the other.

Yamaha aims to equip EPS on various motorcycles and it wouldn’t be a surprise to find this on Adventure bikes for example where rider aids like cornering sensitive ABS, traction control and active suspension are already common-place. From there it would not be a giant leap to imagine it could work on dual-sport or off-road bikes.

Yamaha says that the initial, motocross version of the setup does most of its assistance at low speeds, when you’re likely to use larger movements of the bars, and as you go faster it turns its focus to its second role as a steering damper. Because it can tell the difference between rider inputs and external forces, the steering actuator can counteract bumps or road surface changes that might try to change the bike’s course. In competition, the result should make the bikes less physical to ride, leaving the rider with more strength and stamina at the end of races. Yamaha says that despite the system, the bikes still feel natural to the riders. Motocross is just the start. It’s clearly compact enough to fit virtually any bike and existing machines wouldn’t need a ground-up redesign to incorporate it. On superbikes, it could easily become a natural next step from the sort of active steering dampers already in use, but for the future, the addition of an electric actuator controlling steering angle opens the door to many other possibilities.

Why Do You Need Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) in Your Motorcycle?

ABS on motorcycles prevents wheel locking and increases stability. Motorcycles are, by nature, less stable than four-wheeled vehicles. Braking too hard can destabilize a motorcycle and lead to either the front or rear wheel locking, causing the bike to overturn or slide. Alternatively, failure to brake hard enough can result in a rider failing to avoid a crash.

ABS uses speed sensors on both wheels to accurately determine wheel speed as well as sensors to determine when a wheel is about to lock. ABS adjusts the braking pressure accordingly to prevent the wheel from locking and assists with maintaining the stability of the motorcycle. In many circumstances, ABS has been shown to reduce braking distance. Motorcycles with ABS technology have been shown to be involved in fewer crashes on the road.

 This kind of braking system comprises three parts, namely ECU kit, Brakes and Wheel Speed Sensors. It is usually installed on the rear wheel. These speed sensors are mapped in such a way that they keep monitoring the possible lock-up of the wheel. So, the sensor is, in turn, connected to the Electronic Control Unit, which allows the wheel to roll for some distance and lock in regular intervals of time. This is how ABS works in bikes.

This one-of-a-kind technology helps the passionate bikers to ride amidst all conditions. ABS usually comes with disc brakes, but it cannot be installed with drum brakes.

The main advantage of ABS is that it prevents the biker from falling or skidding. There are some passionate bikers, who have taken up stunts as their profession. Whenever they do stunts like a stoppie, ABS comes into play. Well, ABS is not recommended for dirt bikers as they usually drift when they go on the circuits. MotoGP riders use the slipper clutch and when they lean on the curves, ABS comes into play as they continuously rip the vehicle with the brakes.

 Considering the number of accidents that are taking place in today’ scenario, the manufacturers have started implementing ABS in bikes as well for the betterment of road safety. Even though it is expensive, the technology has been working efficiently irrespective of all terrains.

  • ABS could reduce the rate of death and severe injury from motorcycle crashes by 31%
  • only around 20% of new motorcycles come with ABS as standard
  • at the current rate of ABS motorcycle sales, this technology has the potential to save 22 lives between now and 2025

This figure could rise to 35 saved lives if ABS is made standard on all new motorcycles from 2018.

Yamaha introduces “Customize Your Warrior” Campaign for MT 15

Yamaha Motor has announced the introduction of the “color customization option” for its range of MT 15 motorcycles in India. The company’s new campaign is launched at the backdrop of various customers giving the thumbs up to the recent launch of the Ice Fluo-Vermillion color in MT 15, a popular variant which is currently available for booking. The company aims to entice a set of younger customers, with these attractive and new color customization options. The campaign named “Customize your Warrior” which is in line with the company’s brand strategy will be launched from November 20 across the country.

Available only for the new purchases from the date of launch, the new Yamaha MT-15 aspirants can avail the option of building colors for their MT-15 by choosing from 11 unique combinations. The campaign will be launched from 20th November on the official website of Yamaha India. The vehicles will be made by Yamaha, based on the order received from the customers. According to Yamaha, the delivery will start from Jan 2021. However, the yellow color wheel model’s deliveries will start from Mar 2021. With this campaign, Yamaha MT15 will be available in 14 unique colors, out of which 3 existing standard colors will be readily available at the dealerships and for 11 new color combinations customers can place orders with India Yamaha motor through its authorized dealers.

The Yamaha MT-15 mounts a 155 cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve engine, which comes paired to a 6-speed transmission. This engine from Yamaha is a fuel-injected engine along with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system on a Delta box frame. With all this, the Yamaha MT-15 is capable of triggering an agile and strong-feeling acceleration along with its handy A and S clutch and single-channel ABS.

Today’s customers look for a variety and diverse range of color combinations which suit their style statement. Yamaha will always try to introduce new biking experiences to our customers and offer excitement to them with products & services that exceed customer expectations. This step has been taken considering the feedback from the customers and in the future, we will come up with such options which are in line with our brand direction “The Call of The Blue”.

Yamaha FZS Fi Deluxe Variant Launched in India

Yamaha Motor India has kickstarted the year 2022 with the launch of its updated FZ-S series. The new 2022 Yamaha FZ-S FI has been launched in India. Moreover, the motorcycle is now also available in a new range-topping Deluxe variant. The 2022 Yamaha FZ-S Deluxe gets new color schemes, new graphics on the body panels, LED turn indicators, and more. 

Some of the cosmetic changes in the FZ-S that enhance the appeal of the motorcycle are that the motorcycle now gets an LED tail lamp and its standard variant is offered in two color shades, namely Matte Red and Dark Matte Blue. The new Deluxe variant, on the other hand, gets an LED tail lamp, LED turn indicators, new body graphics, and coloured wheels. Both the variants of the FZ-S are also offered with Bluetooth connectivity as standard.  

The new Yamaha FZ-S FI Deluxe is offered in three color schemes. They are Metallic Black, Majesty Red, and Metallic Grey. The former two-color shades also get a new dual-tone brown and black coloured seat. The mechanicals of the motorcycle remain unchanged. Powering the new Yamaha FZ-S is the same old BS6 compliant 149cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected engine. 

This motor churns out 12.2 hp of maximum power at 7,250 RPM and 13.6 Nm of peak torque at 5,500 RPM. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. For suspension duties, the motorcycle gets telescopic forks at the front and a mono-shock absorber at the rear. The braking duties are performed by disc brakes at either end and it gets a single-channel ABS too. 


  1. The Negative LCD instrument cluster panel has a black background and white lettering. Digital speedometer, bar-style tachometer above, and a fuel gauge are constantly displayed, along with ABS warning lamp while the odometer, Trip 1, Trip 2, F Trip, clock and others can be selected for display. There is also an ECO indicator to enable more fuel-efficient riding.
  2. The lower engine fairing has been introduced to reduce mud and dirt splatter. The under cowl has been designed to enhance the sporty look of the bike.
  3. Easier to control while enhancing the economy at the same time. Makes the power-to-weight ratio just enough to keep you zipping.


  1. The two-level seat has an excellent feeling of fit and cushioning that works well with an upright, relaxed riding position. The cushioning material has a suitable degree of firmness and is paired with a seat material that offers superb fit to provide a steady ride and comfort for both the rider and pillion rider.
  2. Signal your unique identity with unmissable front and back LED flashers – a perfect mash-up of style and safety. Leave a bold trail for others to follow with the all-new, high visibility LED tail light.
  3. New coloured wheels add a flamboyant dash of style to your street presence. Grab attention wherever you go!
  4. The glossy chrome plating in selected parts creates a premium, exclusive image and enhances the street presence of the motorcycle. The 3D emblem enhances the premium look of the bike.
  5. The LED headlight provides excellent visibility over a wide range with very little unevenness. It uses a reflector with ideal light projection, and separate bulbs for high and low beams.
  6. A midship muffler, with its advantages of mass concentration, weight reduction and shorter length, is adopted. The design of the muffler protector is such that it further enhances the sharpness. The Muffler sound is bold.

Yamaha MT 15 Launched with New Features in 2022, India?

Yamaha is all set to launch an all-new 2022 Yamaha MT 15 in India. Yamaha’s motorcycle, the MT-15, will be getting a 2022 updated model soon. 

Similar to the R15 V4, the 2022 MT 15 could also feature a USD suspension setup, offering better control at high speeds, cornering and braking, consequently improving the riding dynamics of the bike. The rear will feature the same linked-type monocross suspension setup.

One of the primary updates on the MT 15 could be the replacement of the negative digital LCD cluster with the R15 V4’s multi-functional fully-digital instrument cluster. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, it displays information such as gear position, ride modes, average speed, fuel efficiency and more. It also displays call and notification updates and phone battery level

The Yamaha MT 15 is a Pure-bred hyper naked, one of the most dynamic lightweights from the Yamaha MT stable. This bike has all the traits of a hyper naked with its agile handling, wide handlebar, and ultra-lightweight of 138 kgs. The impeccably styled MT-15 with its Bifunctional LED headlight gives the motorcycle an aggressive and intimidating look. This hyper-naked bike will not only give you the thrill you seek but will also inspire immense confidence in the rider.


  1. Bi Functional LED Headlights: Hi and low beam has been integrated into one single impact unit which makes it technically advanced and a first in its category. MT 15’s uniqueness comprises the stylish, compact headlight to realize the MT design.
  2. Multi-Function Negative LCD Instrument Cluster: While Others on the road admire the looks and styling of your MT 15, you can admire the looks and take advantage of all the information that it has to offer to help you ride better. A Well-informed rider is a better rider.
  3. Delta Box Frame: The new Yamaha MT 15 adopts a new delta box frame with superb rigidity balance. With a Delta Box frame, the top and bottom of the head pipe and the pivot points form a triangle, hence the “Delta Box” gives it excellent rigidity balance.
  4. Aluminum Swing Arm: It is a single- or double-sided mechanical device which attaches the rear wheel of a motorcycle to its body, allowing it to pivot vertically.

The 2022 Yamaha MT-15 Version 2.0 could be mechanically identical to the outgoing model, with the same VVA-equipped 155cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor producing 18.5PS and 13.9Nm. That said, having the R15 V4’s performance (18.4PS and 14.2Nm) should make the bike a tad more engaging.

Powering the bike will be the same 155cc liquid-cooled, SOHC engine as before, producing 18.5PS and 13.9Nm, mated to a six-speed transmission. In addition to the VVA (Variable valve actuation) and assist and slipper clutch, we can expect the MT-15 to feature a quick shifter too, just like its sibling. In terms of styling, the 2022 Yamaha MT 15 can get new color schemes. It is expected to be launched later this year.

Why are Yamaha Mileage Bikes The Most Competitive in The Market?

“Best value for money” is the mindset of the market when they look for goods, especially two-wheelers. Introducing the latest technology in the two-wheeler segment is the YAMAHA’s Fuel Injection (FI) technology. YAMAHA is a Japanese company and proving its brand quality over years has been one of the highly trusted companies and has the potential of being the market’s leader in the upcoming years. 

Following few features are the reason WHY YAMAHA STAND OUT OF THE HERD AND PROVE TO BE THE BEST –

  1. Latest technology – Fuel Injection Technology: Talking in terms of number, Rs. 2,84,900 is the best price one can offer for the bike with FI. From innovation to practicality on the roads, Yamaha has beaten all its competitors in all varied sectors proving to be a premium yet affordable brand. The new technology ensures the high efficiency of combustion by providing the right amount of fuel depending upon the riding conditions, resulting in increased mileage and cleaner emission.
  2. Proving to be the best after Sales Service: Only buying a bike or scooter is not what a customer focuses on, the post-purchase service, the customer care provided also play a pivotal role. Yamaha is known to provide the best post-purchase service in every nook and corner of the country. With 92 showroom-specific service centers and over 130 Authorized service centers, Yamaha proves out to be the best after-sales service network in the country.
  3. Wide range of bikes/ Choose one from our range: We at YAMAHA don’t provide you with just one option, we have segments ranging from premium to premium plus offering the right choice and right product for different individuals for their divergent needs. We provide the best in power with MT segment, best in the ride with R series, best in a wide segment with FZ series, best in dirt segment XTZ, best in a sporty scooter with Ray ZR 125 FI, best in a classic scooter with Fascino 125 FI.
  4. Customer-friendly offers: Providing offers, schemes and making their customers happy has been the foremost priority for the company. Be it a festive occasion or a harsh time like the ongoing pandemic, YAMAHA has proven to bring the best for its customers to fulfill their ride dreams. The level of dedication shown by the brand is untouchable.
  5. research and Development front: Research and development play a vital role while launching a new product, being a Japanese company YAMAHA has always blown us up with their sleek designs, to the best performative engine YAMAHA has it all and covers it all proving to be unsurpassable at what it is doing. Not to forget it never steps back from its duty and investments for the customers, if it costs a good amount for the company.

These are some of the points that state the fact that why Yamaha Mileage bikes are the most competitive in the market creating quite a buzz amongst customers.

Yamaha Fascino 125 FI – The Advanced & Best Mileage Scooter in India

Yamaha has always been on the top when it comes to providing its customers with the best two-wheelers. They provide a vehicle that has attractive features, amazing designs and gives the best on-road mileage. 

The Fascino 125 continues to use the BS6 Fascino’s styling but it is more evolved now. The disc variant gets an LED headlamp while the tail lamp continues the ‘V’ pattern. The grab handles have been revised as well. On the drum variant, you get a chrome finish on the headlamp, front apron-mounted turn indicators, and side panel trim; while the disc version gets a black finish. Fascino still continues to use a halogen bulb headlamp and bulb tail lamp and turn indicators. The 125cc scooter, however, gets a new side-stand cutoff switch and an optional under-seat USB charger. Yamaha also has now equipped the hybrid scooter with a digital instrument console complete with Bluetooth connectivity (only for disc variant).

The Yamaha Fascino 125 gets a new fuel-injected 125cc motor that is BS6-compliant and delivers 8.2PS at 6500rpm and 10.3Nm at 5000rpm. While the power remains the same, the torque gets a boost of 0.6Nm thanks to the mild-hybrid motor that assists the acceleration. The new engine is not just more powerful than the Yamaha Fascino’s BS4 motor: according to Yamaha, it is 16 percent more fuel-efficient as well. It continues to use a variomatic transmission. Yamaha has also equipped the new 125cc scooter with a starter-generator similar to the ACG starter found in the new Honda BS6 scooters. It also gets a start-stop system similar to the Hero Destini 125 BS6.

The Yamaha Fascino 125 Hybrid gets the same frame from the BS6 model that allows the seat and floorboard to be longer than before. The handlebar is 18mm closer to the rider and 20mm taller than before. The new frame also helps the Yamaha Fascino 125 BS6 to be 4kg lighter than before. Weighing in at 99kg, the Fascino 125 is the lightest scooter in its segment. It gets telescopic forks and monoshock, 12-inch front, and 10-inch rear alloy wheels. Braking is via an optional front disc and a rear drum brake with CBS.

Mileage (City)68.75 kmpl
Displacement125 cc
Engine TypeAir-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
No. of Cylinders1
Max Power8.2 PS @ 6500 rpm
Max Torque10.3 Nm @ 5000 rpm
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDrum
Fuel Capacity5.2 L
Braking TypeUnified Braking System
Mobile ConnectivityBluetooth
Shutter LockYes
LED Tail LightYes
Fuel gaugeYes
Yamaha R15 v4 Features- Traction Control, Quick Shifter, New Display & More

Yamaha R15 v4 Features: Traction Control, Quick Shifter, New Display & More

Yamaha has always been on the cap when it comes to providing its customers with the best two-wheelers. They provide a vehicle that has charming features, amazing designs and gives the best on-road mileage. Recently Yamaha launched the amazing R15 v4 with incredible features, making your on-road experience very smooth and memorable.

The fourth generation of the Yamaha R15 is loaded to the gills with features. It gets a revised front fascia featuring a new Bi-functional LED headlamp flanked by LED DRLs, and a new YZF-R1 inspired digital instrument console with Yamaha’s Y-Connect app. The display gets modes (Street and Track), along with a lap timer, gear position indicator, call/message alerts, mobile battery status, connection status, average fuel efficiency, and last parked location. You can also access information like instantaneous fuel economy, intake air temperature, Eco indicator, degree of throttle opening, and rate of acceleration.

The R15 V4 Racing Blue, ‘M’ and MotoGP Edition take things a step further by offering traction control and a quick-shifter as standard equipment. You could, however, opt for a quick-shifter as an add-on, on the base variants. 

Yamaha R15 V4 Engine: Performance remains virtually unchanged. The Yamaha R15 V4 continues to use the same 155cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine. However, it’s been detuned to produce 18.4PS, 0.2 less than the current-generation V3. Torque on the other hand endures consistent at 14.2Nm. The R15 V4 motor comes mated to a 6-speed transmission featuring a slip and assists clutch. 

Yamaha R15 V4 Suspension & Brakes:

The R15’s hardware gets a massive breakthrough thanks to the new USD fork. The rest of the bike is pretty much the same — a delta box frame, a preload-adjustable monoshock, disc brakes on both ends with dual-channel ABS. The R15 V4 gets a rear radial tire as a standard fitment, but the front continues to have a bias-ply unit.

Features and Safety:

ABSDual Channel
Charging PointOptional
Mobile ApplicationYes
Mobile ConnectivityBluetooth
Fuel GaugeDigital
Pass SwitchYes
Riding ModesTrack, Street
Traction ControlYes
Quick ShifterYes
Additional FeaturesPosition light, Side stand engine cut-off switch, Dual horn, Gear position indicator, Shift timing light, VVA indicator, VVA
Passenger FootrestYes

Available in 4 different colors, it is designed to charm the eyes and provide you the comfort that you require while riding. Yamaha as always has outdone itself in creating a two-wheeler with engaging designs and amazing features, making it hard to resist buying it in the first instance. With attractive deals and amazing accessories accompanying it, it’s diverting. The Yamaha on-road experience of riding this is nothing less than phenomenal. Yamaha makes riding easy and fun know-how for its customers. Thanks to Yamaha, now spending time on the roads is not awful but a wonderful experience with a vehicle designed to cater to your comfort.

Yamaha FZS-FI Newly Launched with New Features in India 2022

Yamaha FZS-FI Newly Launched in India 2022 with New Features

With traffic hitting the roads daily, one spends more time on the road than any other place. To make your ride a lot more enjoyable and comfortable, Yamaha has launched a new Yamaha FZS-FI in India with features like never before seen and a design to love. It is indeed the best in the market right now.

Design: The design remains complementary to the outgoing version, and the 2022 Yamaha FZS FI retains a sharp headlight at the front, a muscular fuel tank with chrome highlights, an engine cowl, a step-up seat, and a side-slung exhaust. The Dlx variant gets different graphics, colored alloy wheels, and a dual-tone seat. The dual-tone seat, however, is only accessible in Metallic Black and Metallic Deep Red colors.

Colors: The 2022 Yamaha FZS FI range will be available in two variants is Standard and Dlx. The standard model is available in two colors Matte Red and Matte Blue. The Dlx variant, on the other hand, is listed in three paint options is Metallic Black, Metallic Deep Red, and Solid Gray.

Engine: Both the variants of the 2022 Yamaha FZS FI use the same BS6 compliant, 149cc, single cylinder engine that powered the outgoing version. The motor is honeyed to produce 12.2bhp of power at 7,250rpm and 13.3Nm of peak torque at 5,500rpm.

Hardware: The hardware remains unaltered and the 2022 Yamaha FZS Fi retains telescopic front forks and a preload-adjustable rear mono-shock to handle suspension tasks. The braking duties are performed by single discs on both wheels while the safety net includes a single channel ABS.

Price: The base variant of the 2022 Yamaha FZS FI has been priced at Rs.1,15,900 while the Dlx variant is available the price at Rs 1,18,900. These new models are scheduled to arrive at all authorized Yamaha dealerships.

The Yamaha FZS FI 2022 gets Bluetooth connectivity as standard and is Rs 1,000 pricier than the Bluetooth-equipped 2021 model. 

While the Yamaha FZS FI Dlx also gets the new LED tail lamp, it comes with LED turn signals, which Yamaha says will be installed by dealers as an accessory at no extra cost. Also exclusive to the Dlx variant are new graphics schemes, unique color options, and colored wheels. Two of the Dlx’s three color options also get a contrasting shade for the seat.

There are no cursory changes and the bike continues to be powered by a single-cylinder, air-cooled 149cc engine producing 12.4hp at 7,250 rpm and 13.3 Nm at 5500 rpm.

Yamaha FZ S FI is designed to please the eyes and provide you with the comfort that you require while riding. Yamaha as always has outdone itself in creating a two-wheeler with attractive designs and amazing features, making it hard to resist buying it in the first occurrence. With attractive deals and amazing accessories accompanying it, it’s a keep. The on-road experience of riding this bike is nothing less than phenomenal. Yamaha composes riding an easy and fun experience for its customers. Thanks to Yamaha, now spending time on the roads is not awful but a wonderful experience with a vehicle designed to cater to your comfort.

6 Reasons Buy Yamaha R15 Engine 1st Bike in India with Higher CC Comfort Riding

6 Reasons Buy Yamaha R15 Engine 1st Bike in India with Higher CC Comfort Riding?

Yamaha has always been on the top when it comes to providing its customers with the best two-wheelers. They provide a vehicle that has attractive features, amazing designs and gives the best on-road mileage. 

Unibody Seat now comes with the comfort of Yamaha’s racing DNA. The manifestation of legends like M1 and R1, the R15S is installed with the Unibody Seat that offers comfort and eases not just to the rider but the pillion too.

With sharper aggressive eyes. Muscular tank. Aerodynamic front. Edgy tail. The New R15 lives up to its legacy of challenging spirits boldly. Take a ride and discover R-DNA.

There are various reasons to buy this wonderful vehicle, some of which are:

  1. Unibody Seat: Contrary to the earlier dual level seating, the Unibody Seat is created with a singular, flowing sear design that offers comfort to both the rider as well as the pillion. The broader, angular seat is smoother and offers a better riding experience true to Yamaha’s racing tradition.
  2. Deltabox Frame: The new R15 endorses a Delta Box frame with a superb rigidity balance. With the Delta box frame, the top and bottom of the head pipe and the pivot points form a triangle. Hence the Delta box gives it excellent rigor balance.
  3. Aluminum Swingarm: The aluminum swingarm gives you the advantage of the significant reduction is unsprung weight which makes the easier to handle.
  4. Multi-function LCD instrument Cluster with Gear Shift Indicator: Opens with a personalized string of animated text. Keeps you informed of all the essentials: Gear Shift or Gear Position indicator, VVA indicator. In addition to speed, tachometer, and trip meter.
  5. Dual Horn: Racing means thrill, the thrill of riding on new tracks, the thrill of experiencing new turns, and many more surprises that the topsy-turvy tracks have to offer. And today, even the city trails are busting, a good horn can make the difference between being seen and noticed. Let the city hear you ride your way into the future. R15 has got that covered too. And with new split horns delivering higher decibels and lower decibels (Dual Tone), here is a racer that truly sounds like that one.
  6. Speed Transmission: Now Shift Gears without worrying about the economy, the new R15 with 6-speed transmission allows to cruise at low RPM even in higher gears. Thus, saving fuel also without missing the thrill.

These are some of the solid reasons to buy this amazing Yamaha R15 bike, and to top it all it’s available in three striking colors: Sparky Green, Adrenaline Red, and Revving Blue. So, what are you waiting for, buy this beauty and take it for a spin?