Benefits Yamaha Bluetooth Connectivity Feature For FZ Series

The world of today is thriving on technologies that incorporate many ideas, making it simpler than ever to interact with other people and things, no matter where you are. The new “Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X” Application, which utilises Bluetooth technology, offers users a seamless riding and maintenance experience in novel ways. The introduction of “Bluetooth-enabled technology” aims to provide customers with potential benefits through a variety of useful and safe features.

Using the “Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X” app on your Android or iOS smartphone, the Yamaha Connect X technology enables Bluetooth pairing between your smartphone and the motorcycle. You must download the app and register your car before using it.

Free downloads of the Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X App can be found on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Once linked, it provides data on the trip’s length, battery voltage, and average speed. The Locate My Bike and Answer Back feature, which activates the indicators and blasts the horn to help locate the bike in a crowded parking lot, also offers vehicle location information.

In addition to this, the system offers an E-lock feature to deter theft and a Hazard mode to alert other drivers to your presence when you are parked by the side of the road. The Yamaha Bluetooth system lacks call and SMS alert functionality as well as turn-by-turn navigation, which are both useful capabilities. These characteristics, which are already present on TVS Apache motorcycles, would have been helpful in the modern day.

With Yamaha BS6 FZ & FZS-Fi V3 variations, Bluetooth connectivity capability with exciting features can be fitted. Our products are feature-rich thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, which also enables users to pair cellphones with motorcycles.

Benefits: FZ Series Yamaha Bluetooth

  1. Answer Back
  2. Driving History
  3. Locate My Bike
  4. E-Lock
  5. Hazard
  6. Parking Record

The key features of Yamaha Connect X are as follows:-

  • Locate My Bike – By allowing the indicators to illuminate for 10 seconds, this function will, as its name suggests, make it easier for you to find your bike in parking lots. Additionally, you can use the Answer Back feature if the parking space is too large for you to easily locate your bike.
  • Answer Back – When a bike is located, the horn beeps twice and the indicators begin to blink in response.
  • E-Lock – In order to prevent theft, this security feature enables the rider to create a secret lock pattern (using an indicator combination) to lock and unlock the motorcycle.
  • Hazard – All of the indicators will begin to blink continually once this feature is activated, warning nearby riders.
  • Parking Record – It displays a route map from your current location to the motorcycle parking spot.

Riding History – The information about your ride is available here, together with statistics like the average speed, the distance travelled, the number of times the brakes were applied throughout the trip, and the battery voltage.

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