Introducing MT-15 Version 2.0
Unleash Your Dark

Carrying the legacy of MT series, the new MT-15 Ver 2.0 brings more aggression and agility with its Upside Down front forks, Aluminium Swingarm, 155cc LC 4V FI engine and other exciting features. Stay connected with your Dark Warrior through Y-Connect even on the move.

The impeccably styled MT-15 with its Bifunctional LED headlight gives the motorcycle an aggressive and intimidating look. This hyper-naked bike will not only give you the thrill you seek but will also inspire immense confidence in the rider.

Evolution of MT DNA

The Evolution of MT DNA is driven by mass concentration, agility and an uncompromised hyper naked styling. The MT-15 has these traits working in tandem to give you the best riding experience. The chin down face design merging with the upright forks gives it a beast like stance and the Bi functional LED headlight gives it a stare that the MT series is known for. This hyper naked is well built with its muscular spherical tank that wears an armor-like plastic resin. The short rising tail, front winglets, radiator side fins ensures the rider is sitting in an upright position and has complete control making the rider one with the dark warrior.


Metallic Black

color_03 (2)

Racing Blue

color_01 (3)


color_02 (2)


  • +Alloy wheels
  • +Bluetooth