Want to increase your bike’s mileage? Then don’t do these things!!!

Mileage is the working capacity and efficiency of a vehicle engine after burning a certain amount of petrol, diesel or gas as fuel. Everyone wants more mileage on their scooters, motorcycles, motorcycles, etc. Below are some of the most common reasons for low-mileage motorcycles.

A motorcycle’s fuel economy and mileage are is one of the most important parameters for a motorcycle driver to measure a motorcycle’s performance. With fuel prices rising, it is always important to understand the factors that reduce fuel efficiency and motorcycle mileage.

Reasons why motorcycle mileage can get low

1. Low tire pressure

This is the main reason why all types of two-wheelers have low mileage. Low tire pressure puts extra strain on the engine and reduces its ability to work.

2. Dry and dirty chain

Another cause is a dirty motorcycle rear wheel chain attached to the engine. A dirty and dry chain increases friction and reduces the rotational motion of the motor. As a result, the motorcycle has less mileage.

3. Hit the brakes

If the motorcycle’s brakes are locked, it will try to stop the engine’s rotational speed. The engine then works under the strong pressure generated by the braking system and Disc brakes and drum brakes are activated. This can cause the motor to overheat quickly.

4. Not change the oil for a long time

Long intervals in changing engine oils are another reason for lower mileage. The oil usually becomes dirty and dark in 3-4 months. This happens due to the normal operation of the engine.

5. Sticky with Dirty Air Filters

If the air filter is dirty, the mileage of the motorcycle will also be shortened. The air filter acts as a cooling device for the engine. When the engine heats up or overheats, its performance is reduced. 

6. Use of inferior fuel

Gasoline, petrol and diesel counterfeits are also the reason for low mileage. Hit the power of the engine directly. Cheap quality oil does not create strong pressure against the piston when the engine burns fuel in the combustion chamber.

7. Improper driving style

This means overloading the motorcycle, shifting gears too often, raising and lowering ramps, etc. Riding the bike this way means less mileage.

8. Bad road conditions

Poor road quality is also a reason for the low mileage. Bad roads force the driver to shift gears a lot. This reduces the working efficiency of the engine and also increases fuel consumption.

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